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NOW FOR THE WORLD'S LOWEST PRICES ON STAIR LIFTS AND LIFT CHAIRS. Sit, Stand, Recline and Get up the Stairs at the simple touch of your finger. As we get older our muscles get a little weaker. Lifting our own body weight to simply stand, or to get up the stairs, can be quite an order and taking to our muscle strength. Lift Chairs and Stair Lifts are so easy to use, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to PAMPER YOURSELF!




What are stair lifts?


Stair lifts (sometimes called a chair lift, stairglide or stair climber) are the perfect, affordable solution to mobility issues with your stairs, making your whole home accessible again.

Stair lifts can take you up and down your stairs effortlessly in safety and comfort, like a personal 'elevator for your stairs'. Once again you can enjoy your whole home again. Not simply for the handicapped, stairlifts are a great solution for anyone who finds difficulty using the staircase.

Why choose Acorn?

Acorn stair lifts have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide. Our stair lifts are perfectly safe, totally reliable and easy to use. Stair lifts are the perfect solution to difficulties you, or your loved ones may be having using the stairs. Acorn Stairlifts help people to stay in the home they love.

Whether you want a straight rail stairlift, a custom curved rail stair lift, or outdoor straight rail or outdoor curved stairlift, Bruno is there with the solution. Peace of mind is the prevailing emotion when you realize how safe and content you, and your whole family, will be with a Bruno Stairlift.


Golden Lift Chairs - The Ultimate Recline Technology

Golden Technologies has perfected comfort. With the development of our exclusive, patented MaxiComfort® positioning technology, Golden delivers the most advanced lift and recline chair available anywhere in the world!



There are many reasons Pride Lift Chairs are the ultimate in comfort and style. Here are a just a few:

 LiftChair Ease of Use
All Pride Lift Chairs are easy to operate. With just a push of a button you can stand or recline simply and smoothly.


 LiftChair Style
With a full range of contemporary designs and a large selection of eye-catching fabrics, Pride Lift Chairs not only fit any décor, they add to it.