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1/4 ton Vertical Lift 



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Make Life Accessible Again with a Mac’s Vertical Home Lift PL-50

The Mac’s Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is designed and engineered for everyday home use.  It is easy to operate, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Every safety detail has been carefully designed in the Mac’s Vertical Home Lift including a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy access, safety ramp and railing with all rolled edges. 

The Mac's Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is built to meet and exceed residential applications.

The drive system uses common household current and operates in all weather conditions, from -30 degrees to +120 degrees. The key-operated, constant pressure switch enables you to start, stop and change directions at any point, unlike many of the other lifts out there. The ELECTRIC HEALTHCAREal system is placed well above ground and sealed against moisture. The lift is finished with an automotive grade powder coat to further protect the lift against the elements.

The Mac’s Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is sturdy enough to lift and lower up to 750 lbs and will accommodate most ELECTRIC HEALTHCARE wheelchairs and scooters. In fact we ran a PL-50 with a full 750 lb load,continuously on a cycle that lifted and lowered the platform 1 time a minute, 60 times an hour, 1,440 times a day with no rest. That lift ran for 3 months, outside on our roof and completed over 129,600 cycles without fail or need for maintenance. So if you were to use this lift 1 time a day your lift would run for over 355 years without a single lost day! 

The Mac’s Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is one tough, safe, reliable and affordable lift. Compare it against all the competition. 

You will not find a better built product on the market for your money. We are so sure of this that the Mac’s Vertical Home Lift PL-50 comes with a new 5 year limited warranty, another first for this industry. With over 35 years experience of manufacturing residential platform lifts 

It is easy to see why a Mac’s Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is your best and safest choice.

Mac's Vertical Home Lifts


Mac’s Vertical Home Lift PL-50 Notes

  • Lifting height to 50” (4’2”) maximum
  • Lifts up to 750 lbs
  • Easily installed outdoors or indoors
  • Plugs into and runs on household current (110 volt AC)
  • Drive system is quite and virtually maintenance free
  • Manual back-up hand crank
  • 5 year limited warranty


PL-50 Options

  • PL-72 – lifting height to 72” (6’) maximum
  • Safety pan platform – available for all platform sizes
  • 90 degree exit platform – 36” x 54”
  • 54 LG platform – 36” x 54”
  • 60 LG platform – 36” x 60”
  • Solid side panels for platform – 42” high
  • Upper landing gates w/ interlocks – 42” high
  • Call/send switches – set of 2 remotes
  • DC system – Battery powered lift (12 volt DC); 1 battery required
  • Interlock for door or gate
  • Automated door or gate opener
  • ADA Package for residential applications
  • Portable Package

Download The PL-50_72 Owner's Manual and Documentation

Download Mac PL-50 Vertical Home Lift Specifications

Download Mac PL-50 w/ 90 Degree Exit Specs

Download Mac Vertical Home Lift ADA Package Specifications

Download Mac PL-50 Portable Stage Lift Specifications


Mac's PL-50 w/ 90 degree exit platform

Mac's PL-50 w/ 90 degree exit platform



Mac's PL-50 w/ Standard Platform

Mac's PL-50 w/ standard platform


Mac's PL-50 w/ ADA Residential Package

Mac's PL-50 w/ ADA Residential Package


Mac's PL-50 @ AARP Show

Mac's PL-50 @ AARP Show